The Heroes QUIZ

Directions: The Heroes QUIZ is intended to be a fun game to gain insight on your life and to focus you on the areas to improve so that you have the best year of your life yet. So enjoy doing it and share your results with your friends and partners. Then take action on what you discover for your maximum growth.

The four sections in The Heroes QUIZ represent your potential for balance and stability. Read the questions in each section, and estimate your level of success or fulfillment for each one as accurately as you can. Your rating indicates what you think is most like yourself: a rating of 1 is least or very low, and 5 is the most or very high.

After rating yourself on each question then calculate your scores for each section. There are 7 questions in each section. The maximum score for each question is 5. Thus, the maximum total for each section is 35 points. Once you complete the test we will graph your results for you.

Note: After you get your results and your profile you can get Tips on "How to Improve Your Heroes Profile" with the click of a button.

Click on the Blue Boxes and put in a value between 1 and 5 (1 is lowest and 5 is highest)

Section 1: Health (H)

  1. Emotional - "I am usually relaxed and feel free from stress"
  2. Leisure/Fun - "I have several hobbies and I take time to enjoy them"
  3. Mental - "I let go of worries and sleep well and deeply at night"
  4. Physical/Exercise - "I have no physical ailments and I exercise regularly"
  5. Energy - "I have plenty of energy throughout the day"
  6. Nutrition - "I am conscious about consuming a balanced diet"
  7. Hygiene - "I am always clean and well-groomed"

Click on the Blue Boxes and put in a value between 1 and 5 (1 is lowest and 5 is highest)

Section 2: Wealth (W)

  1. Financial/Wealth - "I am very satisfied with my financial condition"
  2. Abundance - "I believe there is always enough and I am always OK"
  3. Giving - "I look for ways to contribute to others and I give generously"
  4. Receiving - "I allow people to give to me freely and I accept it willingly"
  5. Job - "I have a great job and I am satisfied with what I do"
  6. Career - "I have used my talent and abilities in a focused and fulfilling way"
  7. Education - "I am proactive about learning new information and skills"

Click on the Blue Boxes and put in a value between 1 and 5 (1 is lowest and 5 is highest)

Section 3: Relationship (R)

  1. Sexual/Intimacy - "I am intimate and I have a satisfying sexual life"
  2. Family - I connect with my family often in satisfying experiences"
  3. Community - "I participate in group activities that benefit my community"
  4. Social/Memberships - "I have a healthy network of friends and associates"
  5. Partner - "I have a significant personal relationship and I am very fulfilled"
  6. Communication - "I express my ideas clearly and openly and I listen well"
  7. Self-Expression/Passion - "I am passionate and emotionally vulnerable"

Click on the Blue Boxes and put in a value between 1 and 5 (1 is lowest and 5 is highest)

Section 4: Spirituality (S)

  1. Service - "I believe and live my life to benefit humanity"
  2. Dignity/Integrity - "I always keep my promises to myself and others"
  3. Inner Peace - " I have a meditative practice or I have quiet time everyday"
  4. Happiness - I am grateful for my life as it is and I am happy being me"
  5. Wisdom - "I accept all my life situations and see the lessons for my growth"
  6. Being Present - "I live in the present and follow my inner guidance signals"
  7. Purpose - "I am clearly living my purpose and feel my life is meaningful"

OK - Your results are...

Health:				#
Wealth:				#
Relationship:			#
Spirituality:			#

Let's take a close look at this graphically to get a visual representation of what this looks like.

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